Beating a drug addiction starts at rehab but it does not end once you are back in the real world. In fact, it is after you leave the drug and alcohol rehab facility san antonio that the real struggles begin. Don’t fear the unknown when instead you can take charge of your future by learning simple strategies that protect sobriety such as the five below.

1.    Keep Your Eye on the Prize: The prize is your freedom, your peace of mind, your loved ones, and your good health, among others. All of these things are impossible if you battle an addiction. Know what you want and never lose focus.

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2.    Find New Friends: We know doing this is easier than saying it, but it is far easier than relapsing or dealing with temptations every day. You cannot change old behaviors by hanging sound with the same people. Do it for yourself; you may like the new friend group!

3.    Find Support: It is absolutely necessary that a good support system is in place to help you maintain sobriety. Family and friends are vital during this time but don’t stop there when sponsors, support groups, therapists, and others are available to ensure you succeed.

4.    Find New Hobbies: Just as finding new friends is often necessary after overcoming a drug addiction to maintain sobriety, so is finding new hobbies and interests. You certainly love far more things and know that you have a clear mind and conscience. Let the fun begin!

5.    Love Yourself: You must love yourself before you can give others the love that you have for them held deep in your heart. We’ve all made mistakes; accept them, learn from them, and grow from them so they do not hold you back. Loving yourself is an absolute must drink this thing called life.