Are you excited about getting a dental implant in the coming days? You may have gone weeks with a gap in your teeth, and the dentist has finally scheduled your appointment to have the implant put into your mouth.

When everything goes smoothly with the procedure and you add the implant, you may think the journey is over. It is only the beginning, as you must ensure you are taking care of the implant.

Without proper care, a dental implant may not last very long. It is why you must keep up with your oral hygiene and try to avoid certain habits. So after you look through dental implant dentist reviews orland park, book an appointment with a dentist, and get your implant, it is time to start thinking about quitting bad habits.

Smoking and Alcohol

Any dentist will tell you that smoking cigarettes and drinking a lot of alcohol will cause problems for your teeth. It is especially true for implants. Dentists tell you to cease smoking for at least six months, while you should cut down on alcohol consumption as well.

While it may be tough to quit, you will not want to take any chances. There are cases of people who got dental implants put in, and they continued with their usual habits. Many have to get the implant replaced within a year or two.

Sticky Foods

There are certain foods you should avoid for the first few months of having implants, and even in the future. These include dried fruit, hard candies, hardshell tacos, caramel, biting into ice, apples, and steak.

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If you prefer to enjoy some of these foods and snacks, it is a good idea to cut them up into smaller pieces. That makes the chewing process a lot easier, putting less strain on your implant.